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    asfunction help

      Hi all

      I am developing a small flash site and as always, you get to the end and the customer wants to change something!

      Anyway, here is my dilemma that I need advice on. At the moment I have small movieclip buttons in my projects.fla file each with an instance name 1 to 10. When clicked, these buttons load another external movie clip file and an animated sidebar movie based on the instance name of the button that is pressed.

      Now, in the sidebar movie clip that is loaded, I load a text file which has text content associated to the externally loaded movie and the text needs to include hyperlinks which when clicked load the same external movies in exactly the same way as the buttons do on my projects.fla file.

      Could someone provide a snippet of code which basically runs the code (attached) that is executed from my small movieclip buttons and show me how it will work being called from the asfunction in my text file? Is it possible?

      I hope that makes sense and thanks for reading.

      Here is the code I have inside my small movieclip buttons.