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    Warning Bug

      I'm using the latest version of Flex Builder 3. There is a warning under my problems tab that won't go away. The warning popped up when I forgot to declare a type for a parameter. The issue has since been fixed, but no matter what I do the warning won't go away, even after a restart.

      Has anyone else had this problem?

      And as long as I'm here: I've been noticing that "include" commands will occasionally disappear after I type them. I'm guessing it's doing that because the included classes are in the same package, and it's not necessary to include them, but FB2 never did that and I'd like to make sure that this is supposed to be happening.


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          I've not had this particular problem but i would do the following. Select the project, click on the project menu item and make sure that Build Automatically is checked. if not then select it, if it is then select clean... select your project from the list and clean it. if that doesn't work try starting Flex Builder or eclipse (if you are using the plugin version) with the -clean flag.