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    Moving history and posts to new account

    TomUniBind Level 1



      our IT department recently took over my (admin) account (they want to monitor our Adobe subscriptions themselves now) and created a new subaccount to replace my original account. However, when I use this new subaccount on the support forums, I have no access to the history of the original account, of course.


      I still have access to the original account, but I'd prefer to not use it for the forums. And since the email has changed on the original account I probably won't be getting notifications on feedback on the forums anyway.


      Is there a way to move my posts from the original account to my new subaccount?


      Thanks for your feedback


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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          This is the wrong way. The main administrator of the subscription is the "contract owner" and that one can be changed using the admin console. So what your IT should do is to revert your account to your initial settings and change the contract owner and hand over your original account again to you.


          Also, there is absolutely no need to "take over control" , as there can be as many administrators as your company has people working for... And every administrator can do anything they need to do with the exception of changing the "contract owner".


          I'm the "contract owner" of our subscription, but the IT people responsible for installing applications on the computers are all system administrators and can manage users, add licenses or reallocate users.


          It is not possible to move a user's posts to a different user, at least not to my knowledge...

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            An Adobe ID is a personal concept, irrespective of who pays the bills. It is created by someone and remains theirs and theirs alone. Users can change their registered email address and Customer Care can merge two IDs owned by the same person, but there is no concept of "transferring" an account history. Data protection laws strictly forbid granting access to another account's historical data.

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              TomUniBind Level 1

              Thank you for confirming this.

              I will check with the admin to see if he can reverse the accounts back to the previous state, and set it up in the proper way.