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    Copy Project To New Drive


      This may have been asked before, however I can't seem to find the answer.


      I am very new to Premiere Pro and have a MacBook Pro and iMac. If I start working on a project on say my MacBook Pro and want to then continue working on it on my iMac, I would expect to simply to be able copy the folder along with all the files to an external hard drive then over to the iMac.


      However when I copy the folder and files onto the external drive and if I open the project and look at the Properties of the assets they are still point to the MacBook Pro.


      Is there a quick way to relink all the assets to the new destination drive (iMac)?


      I have also tried collecting the project using the Project Manager however the folder structure isn't copied over, resulting in all of the files being in one single folder.


      Am I missing something completely simply here?


      Thanks in advance,