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    Struggling to export


      Hiya, I'm new to adobe and have made a few videos in the past, exported fine. However this time I have finished my editing and every time i go to export my video adobe crashes.When i get my computer back up all i find in my documents are two files one the Audio and the other the Video. I am not sure why it is splitting the two up or if I have accidentally done this in settings? but i have not seen this with my previous videos.

      Also when i click on either of these files, neither work. It just pops up notifying me that the file is corrupt and unable to play. I have not experienced this before either.

      I have tried following YouTube videos and read the forum questions however every answer doesn't seem to work and when I did the help chat with an Adobe expert, the answer i was given was the lack of RAM in my computer, however i have now got more and it is still not working.

      I am setting my export to the H.264 setting and matching all the sources as this is what basically every video says but its just not working.

      If anyone could help I'd be very grateful as I don't really know what i am doing lol, thanks x

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          gerikp10383985 Adobe Community Professional

          The two files you are talking about, the audio and the video files, are left over from the unfinished encode job that crashed.


          Is it Premiere Pro that is crashing as you export, or are you sending your export to Adobe Media Encoder?


          When there is a crash are you given any information? Any crash logs or alerts you can share?


          You said "When I get my computer back up..." does this mean that your computer is crashing as well and you have to reboot?


          Can you post your system specs?


          We're basically going to need more information.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


            I recommend that you chat with our agents once more after following their guidance. Try it and post back here if they can't help.



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              Talia12xa Level 1

              Thanks for your reply!

              no I'm not sending it over to adobe media encoder just exporting in premiere. And no, when it crashes my whole computer freezes after like 4 mins of exporting and I have to turn it off and on again or my computer just won't work, with no alerts at all except once i try to go back onto adobe it asks me to report the crash.

              Yes i will go and find my system specs and post them for you,

              thanks xx

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                Talia12xa Level 1

                okay I will try it again x

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                  Talia12xa Level 1

                  [edited image to remove private info ussnorway]

                  Screenshot (158).png

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                    Piotr Damian Level 1

                    Can you say which version of the Premiere Pro you are using?
                    And what is your Graphics Card?
                    it would be best if you could run the CPU-Z app and send print screens (CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID )


                    I will shoot in the dark for now

                    If you have during the encoding two files (audio and video) I think you are using Hardware Encoding (OpenCL).


                    You can try two things.
                    1. PremierePro > Project Settings > General > Render - Switch to "Software Only"
                    2. Got to the sequence you want to render and CTRL+M
                    3. In a tab "Video" in the part of "Encoding Settings" be sure you have "Software Encoding"
                    4. Export



                    1. PremierePro > Project Settings > General > Render - Switch to "Software Only"

                    2. Got to the sequence you want to render and CTRL+M

                    3. In a tab "Video" in the part of "Encoding Settings" be sure you have "Software Encoding"
                    4. Queue
                    5. In Media Encoder be sure to have Render: "Software Only"
                    6. Render


                    HINT1. If possible try to render the file to a physically separate drive (like an external drive)
                    HINT2. Try to delete Media Cache


                    But if you are using the 2019 version of PremierePro you might have a problem since Adobe posted on Blog that for 2019 Video Apps minimal requirements is 4GB RAM on Graphics Card and possibility to run the latest update for Graphic Card and Intel GPU and as I see on the list your CPU is not supported for update.

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                      Piotr Damian Level 1


                      Adobe products not always give info about the breakdown. The 2019 version can crash PProHeadless process and just go on with encoding. No crash report to send The freeze, in this case, can be caused by GPU RAM overflow or simply overheating of Graphic Card since it freezes also the Windows. But I agree that more technical specifications are needed.

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                        Talia12xa Level 1

                        Thank you for answering! I am using Version 13.0

                        i just tried the first thing and in the render section it wont let me change what the setting is. It says 'mercury playback engine software only'. Also once I've done Ctrl+M there is no encoding settings that i can see in the video tab. The same with the second option, i can't find the options. (Don't know if I am just being a little dim lol)Screenshot (2).png

                        I have looked online on how to find my Graphic card but when looking it doesn't seem like i have one which i didn't even know. Is this why it wont export? It has worked to export in the past so I am not sure.

                        Screenshot (4).png