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    Presistent notification!

    Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional



      I'm following some users of this forum (by setting connections). When some of them reply to some theard I'm notified of. About half a year ago I got new notifications, but one was not displayed on list of them (you know when you click in upper right corner that orange @ character with number of messages next to). I never was able to localize the topic where new post was posted. Then a month later I had the same situation. So I already had 2 unread messages I had not listed when I wanted to see it.


      I went one by one to people profiles I follow and found in activity of one of them there is a post he answered (or liked), then he removed (unliked). The remain was archived in his activity space, but when I visited that topic there wasn't any mark of. Anyway that sufficied to click that topic to see one awaiting notification disappeared!


      I went this way and for about an hour I were going to each activity of all users I followed from last 1,5 month to find the topic that caused 'the ghost' notification. Unfortunatelly nothing I clicked, set it to off.


      Now I decided to find appropriate forum to post about, however there was not any so I ended here.



      Can someone tell me how to reset unread (and invisible) notifications on the list of them (or find a topic related to)?

      Ps. the 2nd time it happened when I invistigeted it in no time was that someone I follow deleted / unliked made post.



      If you know a topic about I couldn't find myself please link me to, and if there is not, should I be contacted with Admin?