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    how to erase word

      I want to erase a word, letter to letter, in flash profesional 8, however i´m really beginer and i dont know how to do it. I am using eraser tool but i dont get the effect, because when i give up the button the letter remains in the original position.
      really i want to do a simulation writing effect.

      Might someone help me?

      thank you for all

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          Try ctrlB twice to break apart the text, then use the eraser
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            rlc5611 Level 1
            One way to simulate writing is to actually write and capture the info and then later play it back.

            For example, in an empty movie, place this script on an empty keyframe and test the movie and start writing. The attached script traces to the output window the mouse positions as you write. It creates a new array for each mouse down and up. You can copy this trace output and place it into a new movie and then step through it with setIntervals so that your handwriting is actually rewritten as if you were writing it yourself real time.
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              rlc5611 Level 1
              Sorry I had a typo. Okay two posts just to be less confusing. In an empty movie, run this script and then copy and paste everything in the output window to a new movie. Depending on how much you write and how fast you write, it could be quite a lot.
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                rlc5611 Level 1
                In the attached, lines 2 through 307 are pasted directly from the output window after running the script from the previous post. Note the new script added nelow it in lines 309 through 332. (I wrote that left moused BTW)