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    List of topics in Related topics

      I've built a project that has "evolved" over the past few months and I've had to change the titles of quite a few topics to keep up with the product's evolution. Of course, I created Related Topics entries too early in the evolutionary process, so I now need to make sure that the entries in the list of Related Topics match the titles of the topics in my project.

      I've checked the Reports option, but don't see one that identifies the Related Topics. Does anyone know a quick and easy way (ha, ha) to get that information? I know that I need to go into each topic, open the list of Related Topics and then update the list to correct the titles. However, it would make life a lot easier if I could scan a list of entries and then make the necessary changes rather than opening *every* Related Topics button to check for outdated titles.

      Any suggestions or should I just crank up the tunes and start checking buttons? Thanks for your help!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi eporter55

          You would probably have the best luck by using something like FAR or ReplacEm to conduct a search and replace of the code.

          * FAR Home page
          * ReplacEm Home page

          Cheers... Rick
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            eporter55 Level 1
            Hi Rick -
            Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I'm not really that concerned about the replacement process, tedious though it might be. Rather, I'd like an easier way to see what's in the Related Topics list for each topic in my project. In fact, I can't really search for all the "previous" titles because I didn't keep a list of old and new titles as I changed them. :-(
            So, I was hoping for a report of all the topics in each Related Topic list so I could check it against a list of the topics in the project to make sure that they're all current titles. Does that make sense?
            BTW, I'm using RH7 and generating WebHelp. Hope I'm describing the problem more clearly now. Appreciate any help you can offer . . . thank you!
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              HKabaker Level 2
              The closest you'll get is the Topic Propertiess and Topic Reference reports.

              In the first, you can select just the one option, to show links from each topic. The second shows links to each topic. At least, you'd have a topic-to-topic inventory to start with.

              The reports show current topic titles and filenames, however. So you can't tell which Related Topics links contain an outdated topic title.

              And they don't distinguish among types of links, so a text link will look the same on the report as a Related Topics link.

              Maybe this would be a useful starting point, if you can spot the Related Topics links among the rest.

              Otherwise, as Rick suggested, you'd need to look in the source code. Two hunks of code, at the end (or where the button is, anyway) refer to the title as it was when you set it up, and the current filename. One is Metadata; the other is <OBJECT ....../OBJECT>.

              If you know precisely what the old title was, you can find-and-replace globally.

              Good luck

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                eporter55 Level 1
                Thanks again for the speedy reply. I did check the Topic Properties and Topic References options and quickly realized that they don't indicate the type of link. it's too bad - that would be useful information!

                Anyway, I do appreciate the responses and will just have to work my way through it. Lesson learned - next time, I'll wait until later in the project to add related topics! Thanks for the help! ;-)