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    Learning Flash - Advice on logistics please

      Hi all,
      I've been asked to look at Flash as a tool for developing training material. Can anybody give me a rough idea of costs and how long to learn Flash to a competent level please.
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          The Flash software, alone costs $699 (assuming you aren't upgrading)
          The Web bundle, which gives you other Adobe software which comes in extremely handy when using Flash costs $999 (standard) or $1699 (professional)

          Time to learn the software depends entirely on the person. I was able to pick up most of the software fairly quickly myself with a little experimentation. An overview class filled in the blanks.

          The time to learn Actionscript will vary depending on which version of AS you are learning (1,2,3) 2 is very similar to 1. 3 is a much bigger, full-fleshed OOP language. Your abilities in the language will vary depending on your current programming language knowledge. For many it is a simple syntax change, for others it is a more in depth learning process, including rewiring your brain to think in terms of object-oriented programming. Regardless the time to learn the basics is fairly quick, a couple of sessions should get you going (button actions, stopping and starting the playhead) As far as I'm concerned you can work in Actionscript all your life and have never learned it all, but you learn with experience. There are many great tutorials on the web, and a ton of excellent classes that you can take. But it still comes down to your proficiency with language, what other web languages you already know, etc.