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    Indesign wont start - Looping white popup screen on start - Deleting prefs didn't work.

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      On launching indesign a white screen pops up that takes over the program. You can click the X on it but it then shuts down the whole program.


      Searched the forums and have don't all things suggested in Re: InDesign 2019 – Launch Error Freezing on start Screen

      I have renamed the %appdata% indesign folder

      Tried uninstalling and reinstalling indesign

      Used the Adobe Cleaner Tool to remove indesign after uninstalling

      Graphics drivers updated to latest version

      Various combinations of clicking on startup and trying to beat the white screen.


      I think this is the little "tour" thing that pops up to show you what's new with the update. Can you dismiss by deleting a file?

      This problem only happens with 2019.

      This problem is also happening to my colleague's computer (same build).