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    Where are the directx9 features??!?!!?

      Posted this in the basics forum as well.

      I work with 3D and so when I heard director was going to support directx 9 come the release of version 11 I was ecstatic.

      I can't find any documentation relating to pixel shaders, HDR, not even bloom effects and the like. Are we able to keep the mouse cursor within the applet yet or do we still have to use xtras to get the feel of mouse look in 3D environments?

      Has anything changed at all?!?!!?! It looks exactly the same!
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          It sure looks the same to me including the product tour link in the initial welcome window - it takes you to the MX 2004 new product features tour. I haven't found any specific demos of the new features on the Adobe web site . The documentation for the new physics engine is useless to anyone not already familiar with it.
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            3DMedia Toonz!
            i think that Director11 directX9 "support" simply displays your 3D world using directX9 instead of DirectX7, based on this "new feature" next relases of Director will (can) works with pixel and vertex shader based on this support.
            (and DirectX 10?)

            As a result, actually we can use a new 3D rendering engine and hardware at 0.5% of his capability!

            And what about something like 3DPI, that can browse and manage models, shaders, transformation and so on, by a GUI instead of the info Window?

            4 years ago shockwave 3D looks old, now is the same...really poor and bad work, dear Adobe!

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              I must check D11 deeply but by now i agree with you. Why not 3DPI included?? where is the doc's and examples for the NEW features?? is 3d- D11 really a 3d-D10 advanced?
              Hope to be wrong, mates!! :(
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                Steveorevo Level 1
                You aren't getting DirectX9 features like advanced shaders. Sorry. The graphics look the same as they did 6.5 years ago.

                But keep in mind that you will be able to pay Adobe, get less features for now, and know that your are funding a possible future where they may or may not be an update that may or may not actually result in something different, upgraded, and may or may not be useful to you.