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    Flex Tab Order Problem

      1. A Container (Form) is created and shown.
      2. onCreationComplete event the focus of the Container is set (using setFocus()).
      3. onFocusIn event the focus of the first TextField on the Form is set (this workks too).
      4. Selecting 'tab' results in the focus being sent to another component in the background.

      I have tried using tabChildren (true), as to let Flex deal with the tab order and I get the same results as above.
      I have also tried settings tabChildren to false, then adding tabIndex's to my UIComponents and this still does not work.

      Any suggestions??
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          Garyl Woolworth
          I think I would personally need to see some of the code to be of much help on this one, but just a thought that comes to mind, really only helps on small amounts of components. But if that background component is supposed to never really have focus and just look pretty on the screen you can do backgroundComponent.tabEnabled = false; and Flex will skip over that when trying to find the next component to focus on from a tab. That doesn't really solve your issue though, like I said though I'd need to see how you've structured everything first.