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    A good word for D11

    Cpt.Haddock Level 1
      I just read all the recent posts post D11 going live, from what I'm reading I'm almost glad that it's pointless loading it onto my G5. so my question is; does anyone have a positive note to make about D11?

      on another note, has anyone tried D11 on a Intel Mac running OS 10.4? (does anyone actually own a machine with this configuration?)
      by the sounds of things, I think I may have to wait for D12 or death whichever comes first.
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          After 10 years using Director, I stopped using it in 2006, and started using Revolution Studio because I thought Director was on life support. I upgraded to D11 in the hope that things were improving, but basic problems are there that would have been found and fixed if Adobe had put out a PUBLIC beta of D11.
          I don't know how it runs on intel based Mac's, but I know I had to reinstall XP to get it clean enough for D11 to run.

          Anything positive? -- I like the script browser :-)

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            Ex Malterra Level 1
            yeah, I'm still generally positive. i too like the script broswer :)

            i'm still happy though. as happy as i'd hoped? no, but still happy. i'm noodling with the trial still, gonna wait a couple of weeks to upgrade. it will take major probs with the trial for me not to. upgrade price is pretty reasonable, dx9 support and unicode support worth it i reckon. oh who am i kidding, i don't care about unicode. glad those that do care have it now though. and i'm excited about the new physics xtra, fixing to mess with that now.
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              Wolfgang Herold Level 2
              For me D11 trail seems to be a public beta :)

              Textrendering is not as powerfull as told on GDC
              no native FLV support
              same slow output of non DTS Video
              no direct export of castmembers

              Bitmapfilters seem to be very powerfull
              like the scriptbrowser too
              works together with PSop and Fireworks CS3 as external Editor
              tried some of my mx 2004 projects --> seem to work including MIAW
              and Flashassets.
              mokaxtra seems to work
              got my first chinese and russian letters on screen without using flashwrappers.
              as of working since Director 7 all day, i see a light.......

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                what do you mean by clean enough? I could install it on my Win XP where Director MX 2004 was installed...by any chance you were using the beta copies (If you had got one!!..I tried and couldn't get any :) )?
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                  gresh Level 1
                  Wouldn't install on XP with my setup. Had Director MX 2004 on it, I've never used any beta versions. My XP installation could have had something wrong with it -- it's probably been a year since XP was installed.

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                    Mouseclick Multimedia
                    I'm happy too, it installed flawlessly on my XP on wich MX2004 was installed. Opened a project that gave me problems because of no unicode support, upgraded it, ran it, fileIO now saves properly so I can import XML that has accents in it without a problem.
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                      D11 does run on my G5 with Mac OSX10.4.11 and runs a little faster than it does on my brand new iMac with OSX 10.5.2.
                      When I publish on the iMac I get 600 MB apps for what used to be 17 MB.
                      From the G5 I get proper size apps but the graphics have artifacts in gradients.

                      Field cast members don't consistently display their text content on either platform.

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                        Cpt.Haddock Level 1
                        I'm confused, I thought D11 wouldn't author on anything but the Intel Mac's. Good news if it does.
                        I might give the trial a go on the G5 and see what happens.
                        I'm a little worried to hear about the text display problems that seem to be happening. Solid text support was one of the key reasons Director needed updating in my opinion, surely with all the text knowhow within Adobe they should have got this right.
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                          edb00 Level 1
                          I found the source of the large files.
                          D11 had botched the conversion of a couple of files -- the ones that opened in the MIAW. It made them about 600MB each instead of 2MB. Thus the large file and slow performance.

                          I was able to author on my G5 but the apps that were created have the field cast member issue. The apps created on my Intel Mac OSX 10.5.2 don't have that problem and seem to be working OK so far. About 50% larger than my MX 2004 apps.

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                            Wolfgang Herold Level 2
                            really positive:
                            so many new and long time not seen members here.
                            where have you been the last years.

                            Hi everybody, your wellcome

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                              The pain from the unsuccessful installation will subside with time, I am sure.

                              James Newton has given a great value to the work done by the team of Director 11. Let us push rather than shoot! To know what I mean, please look at the recent OSControl thread in the "Lingo" section of this forum. I am just afraid too many new users could miss it.