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    crx/packmgr/update.jsp  404

    evgenyb81780887 Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I run into an issue with crx/packmgr/update.jsp. I try to update my package using python and requests.


      params_aempage = {

              'groupName': group_name,

              'packageName': package_aempage,

              'path': '/etc/packages/{0}/{1}.zip'.format(group_name, package_aempage),

              'filter': json.dumps(cq_list),

              '_charset_': 'utf-8'



      url_update = 'my_url/crx/packmgr/update.jsp'


      response = requests.get(url_update, data=json.dumps(params_aempage), headers=headers)


      I receive 415 error,I understand why this error occur because  json file which I try to send can be large.


      However when change method get to be post  I get 404 . So I have now Idea how I can avoid it.What can you recommend?


      Thank you.