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    Why default sort is changed to "most popular" on exchange

    digitalm20920651 Level 1

      For adobe exchange website. It seems the default sort is "most popular" rather than "most recent". Not sure if it's an expected change, as it's confused that newly added add-on is always in the oldest page (it's page #118 now). We plan to add some new add-ons recently, and how would it be possibly visible/populated to end customer...We guess this could confuse other producers, like us, who will post some new add-ons.

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          Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee



          The default sort was changed to most popular as well as making some other curated changes in order to test what effect it had on downloads. We intend to put the behavior back to most recent as the default shortly, I do not have a timeframe on this yet but wanted you to be aware that we do intend to change it back. We also plan to up the marketing and experimentation we do on Exchange CC to test and see what works best for consumers and developers. Feedback is always welcome.