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    Flex scale-9 movieclips not working!!

      I'm trying to create some custom skins for my flex application and I want to have all of the skin assets in a .swf file. So I create a simple button skin with the 4 separate states, created the CSS document to set the styling for Button, and expected it to work as it's supposed to. But, as it turns out, scale-9 scaling is not working at all with my skins. I have my 4 buttons skins exported with the correct linkage IDs and with scale-9 guides enabled just as you're supposed to. But it simply does not work! The confusing thing is that I downloaded a sample skins .fla file with very similar button skins and that one works! I have compared my .fla to that one and see absolutely no differences! What am I doing wrong? Below is a link to my .fla with the button skin in it. Could someone take a look for me and see what the deal is? this is driving me crazy! Thanks!! :)


      -Jason Kringen