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    Launch pdf from Standalone

      I'm distributing my Captivate project via CD, so chose to publish as a Standalone project. I have pdfs that are included in the same folder as my exe. When I click the links to these pdfs, it launches Internet Explorer and I get a "Page Not Found" error. When I publish the project as Flash files, the links work OK, but when someone inserts the CD, they get the Flash security warning, which I think may throw some users off. I tried saving the Word docs as htm, but that didn't help. Can you have links from a Standalone project?
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi again Evelita

          Linking to other files in an exe output is no problem. All you have to do is specify the absolute path as it will be found on the users machine. So for a CD distribution, I would recommend that you manually type in the full path for the reference material e.g D:\ProjectXYZ\Reference_Materials\whatever.pdf.
          Hint - I actually copy all my reference materials to a CD with the expected path built in and then just reference my project to that. The only drawbacks you can expect is if your users have a different drive specced as the CD drive, in which case the manual path capture is the better one.
          Lastly, just make sure that you click on the little whatsisname next to the file path in the button properties dialogue box and select to open in a new window AND to NOT continue playing movie.

          Helpful I hope, insane am I