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    HELP -- LineScaleMode.NONE bug????

      Hi all,

      We're fairly new to Flash/Flex and we've encoutnered an issue we're told is a known "old Fash Graphics Library bug". We were wondering if anyone has any experience with this issue, has any links to any sites where workarounds are provided, etc. I've searched and found some folks referring to this, but nothing official from Adobe, or a nice Knowledgebase reference about the issue.

      Here's the issue:

      When drawing a line using the following line of code, we reach a point where (line is very large at this point) that the line style scales, even though the LineScaleMode is set to NONE.

      this.graphics.lineStyle(border, color, alpha, true, LineScaleMode.NONE, CapsStyle.ROUND, JointStyle.ROUND);

      Any help, links, etc. in reference to this issue would be greatly appreciated.