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    DeNoise effect: Audio sounds worse exported vs in timeline (after each cut especially)

    German-Blood Level 1

      My video in my timeline/edit view plays and sounds great. As intended after each cut of the video you don't hear any transition because I did not put any in there.


      When I export the video however you can hear a noticeable drop in volume and quality each time the 'cuts' take place. Each shot starts whit about a second of bad audio that feels like it needs to get warmed up before it sounds good again. After exporting in different settings many times then disabling some of my audio effects I think my DeNoise effect is causing the problem.


      I used a Nikon D3300 and an external mic (Rode Video Mic Go) to record all my audio. Even even manual audio gain on the camera I hear noticeable hiss. A fix I found was the DeNoise effect. I bring the full video's worth of audio into the timeline and add the DeNoise to it before I do any edits. Then I cut and trim clips, making that one long take turn into many smaller bits of audio/video. I guess now the DeNoise is acting like many individual effects and ramping up at the start of each cut. My DeNoise settings don't have delay or attack settings, just % amount (20%/40%/80%) and in my preview/timeline I don't notice any of the 'ramp' or 'build up' that I hear in the exported file.


      I am looking for a solution.

      If anyone knows how to work with many small pieces of audio and DeNoise it all together, I tried the 'group' function but that does not link it all into one chunk, just sticks them all together but each clip is still their own thing still.

      Or maybe some way to get the superior audio from my preview to export with the video (I tried audio lossless 'use sequence setting' export and still same result).

      Or something else I am overlooking or had not thought of yet.