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    [HELP] AE and Premiere Pro aren't holding font's through Dynamic Link (CC 2019)

    Ngoc Tuyen

      Since Adobe released the editable text function between PP and AE my workflow has changed dramatically. I updated to 2019 recently, and I'm having problems with reconnecting to the updated files and secondly the fonts aren't 'sticking' when I make changes to them in PP.


      Reconnecting Files: I tend to open PP first, make my new project redundancy. I close PP and then open AE make the file redundancy, close the file > move original file to a new folder with other backups > change name of AE redundant file to the same name as original. Open PP and files tend to reconnect correctly and orderly. 2019 update didn't seem to do it like usual this time. AE files never really loaded in the timeline, and video wouldn't show under lower thirds and the title plates never even played.


      Band aide fix: I bring in new files from AE (TitlePlate-Template, Name, LowerThird) go about duplicating my master and working on my individual videos. I change my first title plate. My font Face/Family Completely change. I'm using a fat bold font, and goes to a Regular Time New Roman looking font face..


      I sort of have no idea what to do, because I've been using this workflow for ages. I often have 70-80 video's with this template to them, and being able to just update an animation to some text in AE and be able to change the title in Premiere has been the greatest part of my workflow. I shutter thinking about having to go back to any of my old projects that really rely on this method. Should I roll back my programs till there's a fix? Did I just miss something during updates?


      I noticed AI, had a very cool update to it's font library integration, and I'm wondering if there's some weird bug with AI and AE talking libraries, thus creating a weird talk with AE to PP now? 


      Windows 10 (64Bit)


      PP CC 2019