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    980 TI Issues

    ariggs123 Level 1

      I have Windows 10 build 1809 with Adobe Premier Pro 2019 CC 13.0 (build 225) installed with a 980 TI graphics card with fully updated drivers from NVIDIA. I keep getting these below messages and PP is using the CPU to encode. From what I can gather, this is not normal. Any advice?



      <12064> <MSDKDecoderWithMCDemux> <5> No Intel device D3D11 or DX9 context created, hardware decode not available.


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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you're talking about this "software encoding" message in the Export dialog ...

          Export with Intel QuickSync Software only.PNG

          That is referring to whether or not your CPU has the new Intel QuickSync hardware ... if it does, this will say "hardware encoding". If not, you get this.


          Which has NOTHING whatever to do with your GPU ... period.


          That is set via the Project Settings/Mercury acceleration dialog ...


          Is this your question?



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            ariggs123 Level 1

            I don't think that is my question.. My issue is my PP is very slow, I have to edit 1080p in 1/4 frames yet it is still so laggy I cannot hardly work and it takes 1 hour to export a 10 minute video. Typically when playing a video in PP without any effects, I loose frames even at 1/4th. And from what I have read, when using the editor, if the CPU spikes to 100% like it has been when trying to play a sequence in the editor, then that means it is not using the GPU at all. I also see no reference to my GPU in the settings at all like I see in other people's screenshots.


            So I assume the error message I posted in my OP that I am getting in the console could be the reason I am experiencing all of this. My cheap laptop edits better than this gaming computer that can play any game at max settings.

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That's only a 4-core CPU, and with only 8GB of RAM.


              If your media is H.264 long-GOP, I would expect fairly poor playback on that rig. An intraframe codec like DNxHD/R, ProRes, or Cineform would play better but still have issues after effects are added.


              That CPU/RAM combo can't work fast enough to get that much to send to that GPU at any one time.



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                ariggs123 Level 1

                Is there any way for me to verify this in logs, console, or anything before I drop a couple hundred dollars on upgrading these?


                I just find it odd that I can play any high end game on full settings without an issue, but I can switch to PP and it acts worse than a cheap laptop I have. I just want to be absolute sure before I drop hundreds of dollars on something that may possibly not fix it.

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                  ariggs123 Level 1

                  Another separate question for you. We have considered buying a Mac for editing purposes. We know nothing about Macs but hear they work so much better with Adobe products that a new Windows 10 computer would. Every time I mention Adobe Premiere crashing, the first answer is "Oh yeah, its because your using Windows". I see in your profile you have a Windows 10 machine. Do you have those issues? Have you experienced both? What can I do to ensure a new Windows machine is as reliable as a mac?

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                    mattheww16023919 Level 1

                    They removed the 980ti from the "approved" cards list. Mine works fine in prem 2017

                    it DOESNT work in prem 2019.


                    Yeah Adobe have done it again, and again and again. They crap all over their users and remove support for stuff. Now only the 1080ti works with Prem 2019.


                    Yeah for real!


                    And did you notice even though they know that, they wouldnt answer your question. Bad for business. Just pretend the problem of ruining their own software on a yearly basis doesnt exist.


                    Thats why I dont pay for their software anymore. When they stop screwing up, then I might consider it. Until then.... free play.

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                      R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Gaming apps and an NLE aren't the same thing. Pr puts very different loads on your system than a gaming app.


                      The basic suggestion for best playback for mp4/mov H.264 media is as close to 10 fast cores as possible, meaning at or above 3.8Ghz; as close as possible to 10Gb RAM per core, and a 1060 or higher GPU with at least 4Gb of vRAM.


                      Mine is a 6-core rig with 32GB of RAM, and a 1060 with 6GB of vRAM, a low to middling machine for editing. I prefer to work intraframe codecs but much of my media starts as long-GOP, and much of it plays ok if 1080. 4k, not so much.


                      Sometimes I transcode and sometimes I use proxies.



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                        R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        The Macs have as many if not more issues and cost a lot more. Fewer customizations also. Quite a few of the colorists I know replaced their Macs with PCs in the last couple years.


                        Some have stuck it out, hoping Cupertino will come out with a really powerful new rig. The release by Apple of ProRes to Windows encoding in Pr has caused quite a discussion as to what it means. Including some who think this means Apple is letting go of the high end pro desktop which a tiny niche in their total production.


                        Who knows?



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                          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          The "approved cards " list doesn't mean anything, as they don't actually waste the time and effort testing every card out there. They publish a list of specs.


                          There are people I know still running 980s, btw. I once ran a 970 for a couple years. That was then. Time and gear move on.



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                            Christian.Z Adobe Community Professional



                            Just to add to what Neil mentioned,


                            The GPU does not kick in for Premiere unless you have an accelerated effect applied or scaling. Only then they GPU will jump in to help. otherwise it just sits there doing nothing and all the work is on the CPU.


                            I work with 980 ti as well and it's a great card. lot's of CUDAS, but as Neil said, your CPU might be weak and I also suspect storage. Can you give me an Idea what your HDD/SSD setup is like?


                            Also to address your question about Mac vs Windows, I can confirm that Macs are generally more stable and the editing process is smoother. I have a Windows monster PC at home, and iMacs where I work. You can build up speed with your PC rigs, but Macs are always superior when it comes to stability.

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                              ariggs123 Level 1

                              Thanks for everyone's help. After a lot of research and reviewing, I think we may go the Mac route just because there are other YouTuber's that we know out there that also go the Mac route and always say they have better luck.


                              We are looking at this machine. Do you think it can handle it? Really all we are doing here is cutting video, adding music and voice overs. So no really effects or anything for the most part, though we may start that one day. If I added an extra 32GB of RAM to this machine, would this get the job done reliably with 1080p video? Reviews says yes, but I know nothing about Apple, so I want to ask experienced people.




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                                Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                That only has a weak dual core processor.

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                                  R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  There are far more major workers switching to PCs than to Macs. Period.


                                  The notion that Macs are more reliable is mythical from several years ago.



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                                    Mo Moolla Adobe Community Professional


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                                      ariggs123 Level 1

                                      What about a slightly upgraded one? Below is specs of other one we are looking at with Core i7. Would that get the job done (+32GB of RAM of course)


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                                        Mo Moolla Adobe Community Professional

                                        Yes it will do the job. Its a decently specced Mac

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                                          ariggs123 Level 1

                                          I agree with you guys on this, I would much rather a Windows PC (I am after all a Windows System Admin that has always protested against Mac). But, my wife has had such horrible issues with it.. And my problem is, its not just slowness, it constant crashing of the Application. All THE TIME. With no error log, no event log, nothing that I can find to troubleshoot with.


                                          Luckily, Apple provides a two week return policy, so if it isnt much better, we can return it and get a good Windows machine.

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                                            Mo Moolla Adobe Community Professional

                                            But plz get at least 16 if not 32gig RAM

                                            8 gigs is a no no

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                                              ariggs123 Level 1

                                              I am adding +32 to the 8GB it comes with. So It will be a total of 40GB.

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                                                Christian.Z Adobe Community Professional

                                                That's a good one, upgrade the Ram and definitely get external harddrives to work on. Do not edit off the main internal drive

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                                                  Christian.Z Adobe Community Professional

                                                  It's not an issue of reliability. Mac OS is a much more simpler OS than windows, hence the stability.
                                                  If you carefully build your PC and get lucky with non-defect components, your PC would be as stable.


                                                  I'm just saying that a PC has more chances being unstable than a Mac. And I understand why people would switch to PCs, because first it's way cheaper, and second, the hardware upgrades are also much cheaper.

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                                                    Mo Moolla Adobe Community Professional

                                                    Spot on, The more RAM the merrier

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                                                      R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                      Macs are more stable because they're built more limited  ... period.


                                                      You cannot read through this forum with the amount of Mac threads and reach any logical conclusion that a Mac is inherently more stable. Look at all the threads trying to find a stable Mac  OS for editing!


                                                      Macs are what ... 10% of computers? They're a lot more than 10% of this forum.



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                                                        Christian.Z Adobe Community Professional

                                                        With all my respect to everyone posting on this forum.


                                                        I am basing my analysis on the fact that for the past 2 year, I have been editing on an iMac at my 9-5 job, then going back home and editing on my PC for another 2-3 hours. It took me some effort, searching and analyzing to get my PC to the level of stability it's at now, where the Mac was perfectly stable straight out the box. I am able to compare since i'm daily working on both.


                                                        Now while I work at an extremely large company that does not have any issue shelling out money on equipment, for my own work, I am not capable of investing such amount of money on macs, neither are 90% of people on this forum.


                                                        And you are right, they are simple because they are built limited. it's called a closed system, but then again I am a Video editor, not a computer engineer nor a programmer, limited and simple is more than fine with me if it means more stability for my editing software.


                                                        That being said, people who are having issues with Macs are mostly because they are adapting a wrong approach, that will also fail if they used windows. 

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                                                          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                          I've never owned a Mac. Never had instability issues with any PC.


                                                          And many of the folks I know with Macs with issues both with the last couple OSs and editing are rather experienced at both.


                                                          Sorry but your conclusions aren't valid as far as I can see. Anymore, saying one is simply better than the other is rather beside the point.



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                                                            ariggs123 Level 1

                                                            These are exactly the answers I am looking for.. I am looking for people who have experience with BOTH. I will agree to your point - my wife has been editing on a PC. My concern all along was is she having issues because its a PC or because its not the best hardware. I guess that is my real question. I am fine with shelling out whatever I have to do to have her a stable machine. She has stated she would rather a PC because that is what she is use to. I would also rather a PC because I run a domain at home with file shares, various servers, vmware stuff, etc. and its what I am use to supporting.


                                                            I was curious if all the crashes and lagginess issues was because it is a Windows machine or because its a not top of the line PC. Like I say, we are going to shell out a couple thousand dollars either way. I just wanted to make sure I am buying the right equipment for the job. Looks like the issue is the hardware and not the OS.


                                                            From the Windows choices, we are considering the higher end Surface Studio and I am about to start pricing building a PC. But still haven't ruled out the Mac.

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                                                              ariggs123 Level 1

                                                              And thanks, good to know you haven't had any issues with a PC. That also points to my hardware, as you suggested in the beginning.

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                                                                R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                I suggest looking at the information from Puget Systems and Safeharbor Computing ... it isn't just getting speedier bits.


                                                                Reading their stuff makes a lot of sense for many of the issues people with good gear can have.


                                                                They recommend only a few CPUs for video post as most don't do as well. They have various prices but note that many of the speedier CPUs don't have great performance in video post  ... just buying a 12 core fast CPU is no guarantee at all.


                                                                Next ... mobos are not alike. Many mobos will have major resources bottlenecks especially if you start filling up the available card slots.


                                                                So someone goes out, gets a rig with a spendy new many core i9, ton of RAM, two GPUs ... and it's a dog.


                                                                Wrong CPU, and wrong mobo or at least poor placement of cards on the mobo.


                                                                And the 2 GPUs are overkill for what the CPU and RAM can actually process to feed them.



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                                                                  mattheww16023919 Level 1

                                                                  I purchased as 12 core DELL with 40GB memory for £300 (equivalent $400)


                                                                  All these people who think "me dumb me buy MAC. All me problems solved" are just plain stupid. If they just applied their money to finding a person around them who actually knows what they are doing instead of fumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch they would probably save money and learn a lot in the process.


                                                                  Its like saying "me need work car, buy porche because it cost more so must be better". False logic. How much do you end up spending after your have purchased it.


                                                                  First if you have several thousand pounds to spend, hire the services of a PC engineer and ask where to get a super beefed out properly built PC. Not only will they be able to teach you a lot about how to use it, unlike the Apple Moron Bar... if it BREAKS DOWN then he will be able to fix it quickly and cheaply.


                                                                  If you Buy a £10,000 mac and you break it Apple will often accuse you of getting smoke or water in it and refuse to fix it at any cost! If you dont believe me watch the dirty tricks of Apple at Louis Rossman youtube repair channel. Apple not only sell crappy quality computers which are so fragile they fail if you breathe on them... they are famed for refusing to fix simple faults offering you expensive solutions instead. There have been a raft of exposes done by national news programs on how Apple will resell you a new item costing thousands instead of giving you what a repair shop would have probably fixed for under £100.


                                                                  If you want to have you head in the clouds living in laa laa land and you have tens of thousands to shell out on crap - get an Apple and suffer the consequences when it goes wrong and you need to have another 10,000 to replace it.  Us PCusers laugh at how rich people get fleeced on low pwered Apple products that cost 2 to 3 times more than PC.


                                                                  Or be sensible and use your money wisely and go PC - ****which you can buy parts for****. Apple dont allow anyone to sell parts for their machines so good luck with repairs. PC repairs are quick and simple. Parts available on ebay - with you in days. Apple dont sell parts to anyone, period.

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                                                                    Christian.Z Adobe Community Professional

                                                                    I built my own PC, The trickiest 2 components were ram and storage.

                                                                    Most people will just buy 1x 64gb ram, or 1x 16gb and then think to upgrade later. This is the most underrated mistake when building a PC and probably the biggest reason of instability . Its better to find a mobo that supports 4 channels ram, and buy a package of 4x 16gb rams. way better to maximize on performance, also mixing rams, even if same  brand, same model, same manufacturer but produced on a different date might cause problems! the best is to buy 4 rams of 16gb in one package. If your mobo supports 2 channels but has 4 slots, buying 2 or 4 rams will have the same result. but be very careful were you are inserting your rams if you go with the 2 package. I suggest do an extensive research on that.


                                                                    As for storage, your OS and software should live on an SSD, your media files on 2 HDD striped as raid0, your exports on a second SSD and your projects + cache on a third SSD. If you cannot afford that much SSDs, Cache can live on the same SSD as exports, and projects on the same HDD as media.


                                                                    GPU, go with the higher CUDAS for the price. CPU, go with the most you can afford.


                                                                    If you have any further questions about building a PC for editing, I will be more than glad to help

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                                                                      Christian.Z Adobe Community Professional

                                                                      Sorry for calling it a conclusion. Its more than a personal observation based on personal experience.

                                                                      I would not convince anyone to change methods they are comfortable with. If someone is more comfortable using a PC than a Mac, I will do my best to give the best advice on how to build a stable.


                                                                      As for what is better, at the end it all comes down to the person behind the machine

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                                                                        Christian.Z Adobe Community Professional

                                                                        I wont go as far as calling anyone stupid based on their shopping preferences.
                                                                        That being said, allow me to address some of your claims.


                                                                        When you said that apple don't sell parts to anyone, that used to be long time ago. Currently apple rarely manufactures any parts, and you can in fact buy replacement parts for your iMac elsewhere. Apple does not sell or manufactures parts, they buy parts themselves.


                                                                        The power of apple in my opinion is not the build. definitely not the build, but for me it always was the OS.


                                                                        One backup to what i'm saying is the existence of something called Hackintosh. Don't know if you heard about it, but it's the idea of building a PC and running a Mac OS on it.

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                                                                          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                          Not demeaning anyone either. And yes, Apple has moved away from basic manufacturing to doing a mix of basic, customized other parts, and off-the-shelf. But still ... user ability to make significant changes is nowhere near the PC side.


                                                                          And that's been a lot of Apple's ability to be stable both for gear and OS ... it only has a limited number of variables.


                                                                          The last few Apple OS releases have seen major spikes here for users with troubles. We've got threads of people asking for what's the most recent stable OS for Macs.


                                                                          There's been talk in the aisles at NAB that maybe the Pr team should retreat from "total native editing" to picking a few formats/codecs and say "for user stability we're building around these officially supported codecs, use others as they work but these will give stability".


                                                                          Maybe that would help get a more stable working environment. I'm not versed in coding so I don't know.


                                                                          But at this time ... with the number of Mac users having both general editing and OS troubles here ... saying that either side is more stable is very difficult to support.



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                                                                            ariggs123 Level 1

                                                                            I have found the REAL issue. As I suspected, my computer works very well with Adobe Premiere and the real issue was it was not using my GPU, as I suspected all along. I was unaware of this setting, and it was defaulting to software only.


                                                                            After changing that setting, I can play the video in full frame rate and scroll and edit all I want without ANY issues at all while doing other tasks on the computer at the same time - without a single lag. Good thing I didn't drop $3-5k on new hardware..


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                                                                              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                                              Needs more RAM, IMO.