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    Premiere Pro CC 2019 - Problems after updating project from CC 2018

    rogersphoto.com Level 3

      I'm in the middle of editing a theatrical production. Nothing heavy just 3 cameras and 5 audio inputs. Everything was working fine with my 2018 but now upon using 2019 I have the same problem as others. In 2019 my UI is totally messed up. The preview window won't display the selected clip and now my main window is completely grey with only playback visible. Buttons don't work. Scrubber is shot... Sometimes clicking on  a menu item will clear it up.


      I'm running an i7 Win 10 with GEForce GTX 1060/6gb graphics & Seagate 2tb hybrid SSD. My graphic drivers are up to date but it says I need to update them.


      Everything was running smooth until now.


      I shouldn't be surprised because after 20+ years of using Adobe products it's the same old BS workflow killer. Even using 2018 the update for that messed it up too. So tired of Adobe messing up our workflow. You'd think after this long and charging the ridiculous "subscription" fee they could get their sh$t together. Thank goodness for DaVinci Resolve. It's completely FREE and just as good. DaVinci Resolve 15 | Blackmagic Design