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    Flash, ColdFusion CFC, and AMF3 RemoteObject

      I've used Flex2/3 RemoteObject a number of times alongside database connectivity on a ColdFusion server. One issue with this is Flex projects tend to not be very lightweight. I found a geat framework for Flash CS3 that i'm quite happy with. I have two questions:

      1) Using Flex2, RO, on CF 7.02 - I can set my CFC to access="public" and the RO still works. When I try an HTTP request, it correctly comes back as "not remote." This kind of security on my CFC is precisely what I want.

      2) Using the same setup, but with the said Flash CS3 RO framework ( http://www.bytearray.org/?p=122) it comes back with an error saying my CFC can not be used because its not set to remote.

      Is there any way around this? i.e. keeping my CFC functions set to public but still being able to use them with RemoteObject.