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    Exporting Audio from an Object


      I currently use Captivate 3. I am working on a course simulation and have some audio that was accidentally recorded on an object versus the slide.

      Is there any way that you can export that audio file to then import into the slide.

      As a work around besides re-recording I know that I can set caption to be transparent and last for the duration of the slide so that it may play the audio. I just wanted to explore if there was a better solution.

      Thanks in advance for your input.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Mjsantos06 and welcome to our community

          This one should be easy. Double-click the object in question. Click the Audio tab and note the name assigned to the clip. Click the X to remove the audio and dismiss the dialogs.

          Now open the Slide Properties and click the Audio tab. Click the Select audio from library button and choose the clip you made note of earlier.

          Cheers... Rick