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    Positioning UIComponent in Panel

      hello friends,

      i am facing problem while positioning the UIComponent (Line) in the panel. For the 1st time it works fine. But for the second time when i tried to positioned it, the y co-ordinates values are changing. Example: With a fixed coordinate values when i am trying to draw 5 lines, it is not coming in one line. they are coming in different coordinates. i point out that every time when the new line is created, the y coordinates values are increasing by some amount.so the line is not drawing in exact co ordinates.

      Attach Code:
      for(var i=o; i<5;i++)
      var line:LineSprite = new LineSprite(0,0,100,100, 0x000000, 0xEECCCC);

      var uic:UIComponent = new UIComponent();