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    gotoAndPlay Question

      I am very new at Actionscript.
      I am trying to create an educational presentation, similar to a PowerPoint presentation. I have a button with the following actionscript:

      on(keyPress "<Left>"){
      gotoAndPlay("Scene 3", 1);

      This button is on "Scene 4". When I press the left arrow button, it does not take me to "Scene 3", but to "Scene 1" at the beginning of my movie. Anyone have any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?

      Thank you so much!!
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          Hi skipinator5000,

          The code you have written is absolutely right. But you have to put the code stop(); to each and every keyframe of the scene. Then only it will stop move to the particular scene.

          If you still need any explaination please send me your other email id so that I can send you a sample flash file. There I have solved your problem.

          Reply me quickly if you need any further help.

          Your Freind,
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            Chethan20 Level 1
            Just put the code stop(); to each keyframe of the scene. Then check your code. If still it is not working let me know I will send you the sample file.