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    loadMovie - How to block background events

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      I use loadMovie to load a movie into a current movie clip, the movie is
      currently on the top, but how to block other objects/events so that only
      if this movie is closed, other can interact?

      I mean the loaded movie should be `modal`

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          Not sure if this is what you mean but basically you have a movie clip on top of other objects that can have mouse interaction in them. You want to prevent those objects from having mouse events happening when this current movie clip is on top of them.

          In as2 unless you can turn the visibility of everything in the back to 'false' you need to create a movieclip/button that act's like a click blocker. It will lie between the current movieclip and everything behind it.

          create movielclip called clickblocker and give it this code:

          clickBlocker.onRelease = function () : Void {};
          clickBlocker.useHandCursor = false;

          so basically it acts like a button that does nothing and prevents the mouse cursor from turning into a hand.