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    Premiere Pro and Audition


      Hello, my name is Dahli, and I am currently experiencing a difficulty in Premiere Pro.


      I am fairly experienced with premiere, I can do basic things like use the razor tool and I can go as far as adding effects and editing audio and stuff like that, but I need help with something. I am editing a gaming video for my YouTube channel.


      The thing is, I want to trim an hour long clip in various sections and make it shorter. The other thing is, there is a bit of background noise in the audio and I want to open the audio in audition to fix the audio and then reflect the changes back into premiere.


      I am wondering should I edit the audio first in audition and then send it back to premiere and then edit the video or edit the video first and then edit the audio after in audition?


      If I edit the audio after I edit the video, I will end up with more than one audio file in the sequence (because I am going to be trimming away the stuff I don’t need) and I will have to go and send each audio clip into audition one by one. So my other question, is there a better way to do this? If I edit the video first, will I be able to edit the audio as a single clip/sequence  in audition after it’s been trimmed or will I have to edit each clipped section in audition one by one. Or is there a better way to do this?

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          daknuts Level 1

          Hey Dahli

          Though you could edit the audio first, there is a better way by using Adobe's Dynamic Link.

          It's one of my favorite things about Adobe CC apps. Works between Premiere, After FX and Audition.


          I create a sequence and organize my sound in Premiere and when I'm happy with my edit I send the sequence to Audition with Dynamic Link. Make sure your sequence is selected, go to Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition > Sequence.

          In the dialog box, select Entire Sequence and Send through Dynamic Link, then click OK.

          Audition will open and load the timeline you made in Premiere, including the video

          Work your mix in Audition - you can also save a session of it.

          Go to Multitrack > Export to Adobe Premiere Pro and click Export.

          Or you can export a file (wav, mp3, etc) and import that back into your Premiere project.


          This is a typical workflow for me, hope it helps u out.


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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            You can also open a Premiere Pro project file directly in Audition, if you like.



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