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    Potentially unsafe application

      I'm trying to create an interactive presentation site. I have a main page with two buttons that link to some local flash pages. At first everything went well. I've constructed BUTTON I and it worked smoothly. The problem appeared when I constructed the BUTTON II. And below I will try to describe the problem as good as I can:

      First case: If I click the BUTTON II, it opens my local page and it is good. on this page I have a back button, so I can go back to my main page. Now, I click back, I'm in my main page. I try to click the BUTTON I from main page...a warning appears : "adobe flash player has stopped a potentially unsafe application..etc"

      Second Case: If you would think that it's the flash player settings manager....think again (by the way..I always keep that little son of a duck on "always ask" because if I'm setting it to "always allow" it would solve the problem just for my browser and as I see it, that is not a solution). I re-open my site...and first I click BUTTON I...AND IT WORKS !!!!.....I go back...I click the BUTTON II...IT WORKS....go back...etc...everything works smoothly

      So what it is happening ?

      the code for these buttons is as simple as it can be, and these buttons have nothing special on them, there is just the UP keyframe...so here is the code for the two buttons:

      button I:

      button II :

      I hope I was explicit enough and I thank you in advance :)