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    CS3 works on other Apple G4 but I cannot reinstall it on a different G4 with OS 10.4.11 with the no-activation new code

    ioc59412057 Level 1

      My CS3 still works on another of my Apple G4. To install the CS3 on another Apple G4 with OS 10.4.11 (old but working and used by me to teach Photoshop to young people) I first had to get a new serial number from my originally-purchased CS3, then I downloaded the two relevant file (Italian version) provided in the same page. But, after successful installation and having launched Photoshop CS3, it asked me the (new) serial number. Not accepted (neither the original serial number). I tried  different ways, including a suggestion I got from another blog of this Community, eliminating the file cache.db, no effect. I cleaned all (visible) files in the volume containing CS3, Adobe, cache,.... No effect.

      I reformatted a different partition of the hard disk, and then installed in it a brand new 10.4.11 (so no prevous memory), and immediately after i went to the Adobe page for a new serial number: typing the replacement one I got again the same used formerly, i.e. it confirmed me the serial number. I downloaded only to main file and installed CS3, typing the (confirmed) serial number. Not accepted.

      At this point it is NOT ANYMORE a bug of mine. I am using Photoshop since almost 30 years, buying most of the previous versions, till CS3, without any problem before.

      I paid for the CS3 and it is still valid and runnable with OS 10.4.11, according to Adobe.

      Therefore, I am asking for help to resolve the issue. Many thanks.



      PS - Presently I can only work for 30 days with the trial version !