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    Creating tempQuery default values.

    cfwild Level 1

      I am attempting to generate a temporary query to solve an issue I'm having. Right now my code establishes the query, establishes the column names and types. When I add in the first row with default values = "0" I get zeros all across...(great, what I wanted). Then I need to add in more rows (ultimately the TO="someLen"). Where my code is crashing is that I'm getting [empty strings] after row 1, instead of 0 (zeros). Any help on fixing this would be appreciated. Code attached:

      I'm also going to be bringing in a file via cffile. I want to overlay the contents of this file onto this query that I've created. Almost like a copy and paste scenario. Same column names, etc. (Where I've had problems is that my data source occasionally doesn't supply a field value which kills my ability to upload the file directly into the database. Having the zero default is my way? around this). Thoughts on how to do this would be helpful.