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    MXI file not well-formed?


      Hi, I've been trying to post my Flash/Animate extension to Adobe Exchange, but when I upload the .zxp I get the following error.


      "Ensure the XML in your MXI file or CEP manifest file is well-formed."

      Here are the contents of my MXI file, what can I do to get rid of this error?



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>








          <author name="Megacharlie159" />









            required="true" />





          <update  />




          Easily add boiling to your animations with Boiler!


          Huge thanks to @slurpbert for the website and suggestions,

          and thanks to @KenaleBros for finding some really bad buges I just fixed.






          New version: 1.6.0


          You can now simply select all your frames and boiler will boil whatever drawings were on those frames!


          To add Boiler to your workflow, go to Window/Other Panels/Boiler. I would suggest using about 20 for your brush smoothing while drawing. Boiler will only work with vector shapes, for example: Drawings, outlines, and traced bitmaps.


          Huge thanks to @slurpbert for making the website for Boiler, and helping me figure out how to make this the best possible thing it could be!






          <b>My license</b>





            <file source="Boiler.swf" destination="$flash/WindowSWF" file-type="ordinary" />

            <file source="boil_multi.jsfl" destination="$flash/WindowSWF" file-type="ordinary" />

            <file source="boil_single.jsfl" destination="$flash/WindowSWF" file-type="ordinary" />

            <file source="interfacecolor.txt" destination="$flash/WindowSWF" file-type="ordinary" />

            <file source="getcolor.jsfl" destination="$flash/WindowSWF" file-type="ordinary" />