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    How do I delete Essential Graphics Templates?

    mandicreally Level 2

      Just like the title says, how the heck do I delete Essential Graphics Templates?  A  week or so ago ALL of my Essential Graphics templates quit working (Ones that come with Premiere, One I bought from Adobe Stock, and a handful from a third party company.).  So I uninstalled Premiere and reinstalled it.  That fixed the ones that come with Premiere and the one I have from Adobe Stock, however the third party ones still do not work.  So I'm trying to delete them and I simply cannot do it.  As soon as I reinstalled Premiere they were already sitting there in the Essential Graphics tab.


      I specifically chose "Do Not Save My Preferences" when I uninstalled Premiere but when I reinstalled it, all of my preferences and settings were exactly the same as before.  Now if I click one of the non-working templates and right click, Delete is greyed out.  So if I just click the 'Delete' keyboard button I'm prompted "Are you sure you want to delete?" I click yes, and nothing happens.  The Template is still there and still non-functional.  If I try to fresh install the templates, they install second versions of them but they still do not work.



      The parameters of these templates are completely blank.  It is like they are blank slates that never did anything to begin with.  However all of their previews still function and appear as they should, so clearly there is data there Premiere just isn't picking up.  I used these templates for a few weeks before they just suddenly quit working last week.


      Here is a shot of the templates with zero info: