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    Dead end




      First of all i'm sorry if i type it somewhere else, but i could not find forum for Premiere Pro and after like 10 hours of watching youtube tutorials I still can't find solution for me.


      Well, to my problem.

      Back in days i was trying free version of Premiere 2017 version it looked realy good, all settings and everything, but all my recordings are in .mp4 and when i import them the audio is desync, after self syncink its okay for while, but how the editing proces continues it gets again worse, so every like 5 mins i need to sync manually sound back to match video.


      Two days back i was trying lastest version of Premiere and this problem was gone, but then, after i get over 5 mins review gets soo lagy so I see only like every 3 seconds or it freeze totally. I was trying everything to make it work. Tryed only CPu rendering, rendering with gpu, scaling down preview, prerender and all.

      Nothing really helped and in this stage its completly useless.


      Only thing i give up was proxy, almost every second tutorial shows how to use proxy, but the thing is, to "rerender" video to be proxy one is taking for 1 hour video almost 3 hours and mostly stops after 75%. In the end taking video that took 1 hour to make not that hard is okay, but then render it first time for 3 hours, then waiste 3 hours on editing and i have no idea how much time on final renderis is soo much time consuming..


      I'll be very thankfull for all your tips for me.