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    Flex and J2EE with BlazeDS

      Alright the time to try to switch from a Java Web Framework to Flex has come...

      I've seen many great sites (such as buzzword.com) that entice me to give it a shot. I have this great SOA based application developed on J2EE platform. There is a clean separation between the UI and Backend. So I've been thinking that would be simple to give up on the front end (WebFramework:Struts) and expose some of those services to be available as remote objects.

      That's the long story short. Here a set of questions and random thoughts

      1. How do I go about doing this ? I'm thinking to use a stack view to handle various pages. I have at least 7-10 different type of screens

      2. How do I do the login as nice as buzzword.com's login page. Any ideas will be great. I hear people are doing skins. Can one explain me that concept - I've seen the css integration. How about the animation ?

      3. How do I debug/test my application when working with the BlazeDS. Do I have to do anything special ?

      Any other considerations ? Please feel free to add them here..