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    Flex Builder 3 and build output directory

      I have a few questions regarding the FB3 build process:
      1) I have files that are not part of the source code (ie not embedded) but are loaded from the server with httprequest. I cannot get this directory to copy to the server path even if "copy non-embedded files to output folder "is checked. How am I supposed to get these critical files to deploy?
      2) I have my components in a directory outside of my source. These components by themselves embed some graphic icons and use style sheets for consistency across projects. However, I noted that if the above option is checked, the icon file/style sheet files are getting copied to the server.

      I don't seem to remember this problem with fb2. Is there a rule that says you can't use external files with components, because I don't see how to keep them from being copied during build?

      Basically, I can't get it to copy what I want, and not copy what I don't.