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    Comp. 792-YeIbLU Level 1
      1) I want to set up a blog on my website. Do I need to use wordpress for example or can Dreamweaver do this?
      2) Is a blog only different in the fact that it allows a user to reply and post to topics or are there other differences too?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          1. Wordpress is a good example if you are in a php/mysql environment. If you are not sure what scripting language and/or database you can use, you should contact your web hosting provider for this information. Dreamweaver can make blogs but you would need to understand how to program and why re-invent the wheel if Wordpress is a perfect example of what you want.

          2. Blogs are basically just logs on the web. It's like a news posting with one major category that gets updated. The ability to reply or post is no different from a forum, so I wouldn't say that is unique to anything.
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            Comp. 792-YeIbLU Level 1
            Thanks SnakEyez02. Yes my host supports PHP so that's probably what I will use.

            I guess I just want the simplest solution that will offer a lot of flexibility, but I think you are right, it might be easiest to add the WordPress Blog into a Dreamweaver site unless there is some Blog add-on for Dreamweaver or a simple script. (Simple script) I think that's an oxymoron!