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    newb needs advice

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      I am preparing to put together a 12-15 minute flash movie. It will be primarily with simple animation and basic motion tweening, there will be no interactivity involved.

      With a project of this length, what is the best method for piecing it together? Do I stick to one time line with 18,000 frames? Or do I save segments of it as movie clips and bring them into another time line? Or do I use scenes to accomplish this long of a movie?

      This is my first attempt at a movie of this length, any additional advice or direction to a resource is appreciated.
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          INVT Level 1
          My experience has been that organization is first priority and managing your raw files, your library and your timeline are vital with this type of project.

          I create online presentions and off line presentions for CD and this has been my method that my clients really love since some will make updates it is very easy for them to make changes.

          First I decide how to break up the project using scenes. If their is a story board or a script, break each area down the best you can into sections or chapters which is what we will call them.

          Once you can do this you name these chapters as you create the scenes in your Flash (.fla file). Then create a main folder for the project on your hard disk. Save your flash file in the main project folder and create a folder for each chpater named acccordingly.

          What you do next is probably one of the hardest parts is orginizing your graphics, photos, text, fonts, videos that you will use for each chapter.

          Once you have created or aquired the imagery you create folders for each chapter in your Flash file library.

          I keep everything seperate in my library. In my main chapter folder I create subfolders like Text, audio, Movies. Buttons, graphic symbols, raw images ( raw images are the green icon files that have been imported but ar not symbols yet), and these are important should you need to update, or change your graphics.

          Once you get to this point its production time. I won't tell you you what to do here becuase this is creating time, but just to be methodical and don't pass up the chance to make it right before you go to the next idea.

          By the way if you have thnigs that are timed with images you might have problems when it streams if there is allot of internret traffic conjestion so therefor you will want to create a preloader at the beginning of the movie or output to FLV Flash video and take advantage of the buffer and streaming that it has to offer.

          Hope this helps.