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    How to unload FLVPlayback Componet

      I have an bug in a file with FLVPC on stage called 'main_flv' that will not load another FLV after one has played

      Basically I have a menu with 3 choices, select one and it hides the menu and shows the FLVPC and loads in an FLV determined by the value of a variable. All on one frame.

      The FLV plays fine. The FLV plays to the end, a listener then hides the FLVPC and shows/plays the menu. There is also a return_btn that stops the FLV, hides the FLVPC and shows/plays the menu.

      The problem arises when I immediately select play for the FLV that just completed. It will not play having already played. If I choose another menu item, it plays fine. And the first menu item will play fine AFTER the other FLV has been selected/played. Just wont play twice in a row.

      Not a huge deal, but a bug that my client will eventually find an want fixed. I've looked for ways to rewind or stop or close the FLV, but nothing that works with my setup.

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          influxxmedia Level 1
          for what its worth, and for archival purposes, I'll document my fix.

          revised function looks like this

          function videoActivate(theSeg){
          _root.Buffering_mc._visible = true;
          _root.Buffering_mc._alpha = 100;
          _root.menu_mc.menuCube_mc._alpha = 60;
          _root.main_flv.visible = true;
          _root.main_flv.bufferTime = 5;
          _root.main_flv.activeVideoPlayerIndex = 1; //----- new line of code, adds a level to the stack
          _root.main_flv.visibleVideoPlayerIndex = 1; // -----new line of code, makes new level visible
          _root.main_flv.contentPath = "video/"+theSeg+".flv";
          _root.return_btn._visible = true;
          _root.replay_btn._visible = false;
          _root.menu_mc.playBtn_mc.enabled = false;
          _root.menu_mc.leftBtn_mc.enabled = false;
          _root.menu_mc.rightBtn_mc.enabled = false;

          then I add this line of code to the return_btn and the eventListener "complete"


          Hope this helps future visitors