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    IPA doesn't download/install on the iPhone

    crf121359 Level 1



      I have been building an app using Phonegap Build and everything was working absolutely fine and I have been testing the app on my iPhone 6 plus without any issues. The app was installing fine on my iPhone 6 and my colleague iPhone X MAX without any problem.


      I usually use the QR code on Phonegap build to install the app on my device.


      However, today I build the app again using Phonegap Build and tried to download it on my device but the app doesn't download/install at all!


      I have restarted my device, deleted the app and tried to install it again but nothing seems to work and I am at my wits end.


      This is a screenshot of the app on my device:





      The app is just greyed out and nothing happens when I tap on it!


      Can someone please advice on this issue as this is the first time I am facing this issue with PGB.



      Thanks in advance.