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    rotation coordinates help

      I have no idea how to explain this. I am trying to create a movie that explains a bit about magnetism. I have 3 mc-s.

      The first, MC1 is static. I want to use the dimensions of this movie as constraints to the movement of a second movie.

      the second movie MC2 should go no higher than the top of the first mc or lower than the bottom of the same mc.

      The third MC3 rotates, the speed of this rotation should constrain how quickly/slowly MC2 moves.

      it is set up this way.

      MC1 does nothing.
      MC2 starts in the middle of MC1 and moves to the topmost limit
      MC3 starts to rotate
      by the time MC3 has rotated 90 deg, MC2 should be at the topmost limit of the boundaries of MC1
      MC 2 should then start to descend.
      By the time MC3 is at 180 deg, MC2 should be back at the centre
      By the time MC3 is at 270 deg MC2 should be at the bottom most limit of MC1
      by the time MC3 is back to 0 MC2 should be at the centre of MC1.

      How can I programmtically constrain these things. I can do it by tweening, but that's a pain in the backside and it isn't scalable?

      I hope this is clear.


      one mc that rotates around it's central axis. I have another mc which should go up and down