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    WMV Playback

      All, I was hoping with the release of D11 that this issue would vanish, it has not. I am hoping one of you might have a solution.

      Problem, i need to load several WMV files to play back to back. The list could vary from 1 to 20 or more. I create a cast member called "Video" and do the following (basic concept):

      filelist = list of valid wmv files

      Repeat for i = 1 to filelist.count()
      member("video").filename = filelist
      play the video
      end repeat

      each time the loop is executed another 2-3 mgs of memory is lost.

      The solution so far is to limit the number of items in the filelist, preload the wmv's into cast members (video1...video10), and play them. The problem is that some of the wmv's may be 15-20 mbs. you add them up and again run the possibility of running out of memory. Also need the flexibility to increase or decrease the list based on chosen playlist.

      I am able to perform this using DirectShow (Msft product), but would prefer to stay withing director since i have many other projects already under wraps.

      Sorry for the long message.