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    Images Will Not Animate - Premiere Pro CC 2019

    eliserimmer Level 1

      I currently am trying to animate some images, basic things like scaling it up a bit and moving across the screen, however when I set the keyframes it just stays on what I last set as the scale (and position keyframes).

      When I try to move .mp4 files they animate/move just fine.


      I've tried nesting the images already into it's own sequence but it is still not animating and has no movement.

      If it does have movement it simply jumps from the first to the second (keyframes are spread out enough to where it shouldn't be jumping).


      Any one know of anything that could help, thanks.




      Premiere Pro CC 2019 (I recently just updated but it works fine in 2018)

      Standard .JPG Images

      Windows 10 OS