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    Flex 3 and ColdFusion MX 702

      I have seen a few posts on similar problems, but unfortunately no solution that would help me!

      Everything is working perfectly if I run Flex 3 on the same server as Cf is installed but if I try to set up the Flex project on my workstation I only get "Invalid root. The WEB-INF/flex folder must contain either flex-config.xml or services-config.xml."!

      So, obviously there is something wrong in how I specify the web root and url. I am running the J2EE version of CF and the IIS instead of the built-in webserver. I have tried so many different settings, changing the location of the config file, switching to the cf webserver, verifying that I can browse to the same location and that the flash2gateway is correct...

      Does anyone know how I should configure this correctly?

      Hi, Johan