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    Encoding / Render Errors... again

    blumooon Level 1

      Once again I am getting rendering / encoding issues. They are really bad this time. I can't render any video at this point, it keeps kicking out the error compiling video (see below) - The biggest issue is that it is giving me errors for a timestamp that does not exist!!! (also see below)





      32GB RAM

      ATX gaming motherboard

      Windows 10 64

      Latest Premiere

      Latest Encoder

      Latest Drivers for everything relevant.



      Timestamp does not exist:


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          Meg The Dog Adobe Community Professional

          This must be a 60fps timeline?

          The error is at 18 seconds,  35 frames - not 18 minutes.

          Timecode is always HH:MM:SS:FF.



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            blumooon Level 1

            Thank you. I misread it.

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              carolinesears Adobe Employee

              Happens to me all the time. Are you able to get the video out now that we know where the error is?



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                blumooon Level 1

                I had adobe customer service wander my computer for 2 hours... to no avail. They could not figure it out.


                The area that it is causing the error is an opening I created that I have rendered 10-15 times already. Nothing has changed. I will have to spend yet another hour or two of MY time to figure out this issue. Maybe I can open older files and copy paste the opening that worked then, even though its the exact same.


                Why am I spending 20 bucks a month for a program that continually gives me grief?


                I have to get back to work, so I wont be able to deal with this until tomorrow. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


                  Sorry for this. You may want to check out smart rendering for a solution.


                  Check Sequence Settings and change Editing Mode to Custom. Then, change your codec for rendered previews. Switch it to ProRes or Cineform. Render out your timeline in this new codec. Note that you may have to render out a few small sections at a time. Export using the same codec with "Use Previews" enabled. This file and render files will take up space, but this is a more reliable way to export. You can use this master file to strike H.264 copies if you need to deliver them that way. If you are uploading to YouTube, note that they do accept the master files in that codec, it just takes longer to upload them. They look great though!


                  Let us know if smart rendering helps you.



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                    blumooon Level 1

                    As I have troubleshooted my fair share of issues with programs and such, I would label this as a work around, and not a solution, IMO. If I was not paying 20 dollars a month for over 3 years, I would be more apt to try this. I have spent @ 3 hours of my time that I could of been working, playing, etc. Not to mention the CSR poking around on my computer lost all the presets, screen grabs, history... so I now have to manually locate everything. Grrrr.


                    Please don't misread this, I do appreciate the post and your idea. If all else fails I might have to do that to finish off the projects I have in Premiere. Then look to spend money on a different program from a company I can trust more. I guess when the company I work for decided to move on from Premiere I should of took that as a sign.


                    My apologies for the sour grapes, I am just beyond frustrated, stressed out and disappointed in Adobe.


                    Thank you again!!!


                    EDITED TO ADD:

                    Looking into this further, it appears a filter is causing this? AE.ADBE is adobe filters? I am just trying to narrow this down, so when I have time to work on it again, I am not flying blind.


                    Why would something that rendered / exported 10-12-14 times already NOW have an issue? I have not updated anything, nor have I changed anything. This is so frustrating. I am going to have to change my opening because Premiere can't render something it has already rendered time and time again. Uggg... sorry again...

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                      Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                      You can call it a workaround, I call it a "workflow." I agree that you should just be able to do what you want and output no matter what codec, etc. Unfortunately, not everything always worked that way when i was a pro editor. In fact, almost every successful output I've ever done since the 90s required some weird set of tasks.


                      So, you sometimes have to do odd things to export if your original workflow and/or your computer system has flaws. I am sorry to say that I do see a few issues based on only a little info, but I could be wrong. I have no idea what components your computer has, for example.


                      From what I gather,  though, you're working with game footage that is likely screen captured in .mp4 format, more than likely in an odd frame size and at a variable frame rate. Is it precisely HD or is it 4K scaled down to a HD frame size? If I'm wrong, let me know, but these are all potential issues.


                      Conforming the footage via rendering it to ProRes or Cineform can solve a lot of evils when it comes to exporting it, especially when you you've got a lot of odd source footage with effects added to it. In addition to additional processing for this footage, you are are also faced with possibly running out of VRAM on the export process due to the amount of GPU accelerated effects (Lumetri, Warp Stabilizer, etc), scaling, frame rate conversion, color space conversion, etc, that you've thrown at your timeline.


                      I am not an engineer, so I do not know which effect AE.ADBE.GEOMETRY code refers to precisely, but it looks like you are, indeed, running short on VRAM. That is why I suggested my workflow for you to try. It may be the right choice considering your source media and your installed hardware. Good luck and let us know any issues you face.




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                        blumooon Level 1

                        With all due respect if 8GB of Vram and a i7-6700K is not enough to render a 1080 60fps video in Premiere than this program is coded much worse than I imagined. I spent a lot of money on this computer for 2 reasons, Playing video games at the highest level and working on Videos without long render times and higher visuals while editing. 8GB VRAM is more than enough to tackle anything Premiere has to offer. If it doesn't, that just tells me Adobe needs a new way of developing programs.


                        Someone on Toms said that I should look into the time code and see if I can manipulate that "filter" so Premiere can understand it better. Copy and pasted:


                        "It is not the exporting in general, it is an Adobe process (or filter as you called it) in Premiere that is causing this error. Find that area in the timeline, remove it, and try rendering again. If it proceeds without issue, you know what caused it. Then your task is to recreate what you did in a way that this program will understand. I know, it's a "work around" but at this point, do you have much choice?"


                        To also add to the discussion, I have rendered over 100 videos just like this without issue in regards to how I capture and edit, why all of a sudden does Premiere take a crap with this? Have my 1070 GTX and i7-6700K failed? No other program or games are having any issues, just Premiere. I know its a question that can't be answered, but I will not receive compensation for the time I have wasted trying to figure out something that should not be having issues... not to mention the frustration!


                        The truth of the matter is Premiere in general is having a lot of issues (for quite some time), between Toms, this forum and Reddit, I have found hundreds of issues just like this one. Their #1 solution? A different program. Most of them have left, just like my work pulled the license to 6-7 of my coworkers because they spent too much time keeping Premiere running while paying for it monthly. If they had a better solution for Photoshop, we would be Sans-Adobe at my work.


                        I do appreciate the help, and I apologize for the snarkiness. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can get this figured out. I have way too much to do, and I am falling way behind now. Thank you.

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                          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Do you have DL set to AE on the timeline?

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                            blumooon Level 1

                            I apologize, I do not know what that means.

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                              blumooon Level 1

                              I called on my friends to assist me further, most of them in the industry, many of them I worked with on 48 hour film festivals. They gave me some ideas.


                              The first idea was to export the "error zone" as they called it using the alternate non GPU acceleration. Holy crapola it worked! It took 9 minutes 3 seconds. My estimations, it will take 2 hours 27 minutes to render a 19 minute video that normally took 14 minutes to render. Thats not an option.


                              But I brainstormed further, and after taking an aspirin, I took that rendered video, and replaced it in the "error zone" as I am now calling it replacing the evidently too complex sequence, and it finally exported that section without an error. (This is the timestamp area where the errors keeping generating from)


                              It worked! I am now in my 2nd video I have to render and so far * knock on wood * its working.


                              It comes down to this, coming from people in the industry, and above my pay grade. The complex text editing I did was too much for Premiere's antiquated encoding program to handle. I should be using AE for that type of thing. They had no argument that Premiere should be able to handle this. None of them had any answer for the fact it rendered 10+ times before, but all of a sudden just stopped working. That is the most frustrating thing about this...


                              So there you have it. I do appreciate all the help people offered despite my sometimes frustrated saltiness.


                              Now I have to be diligent and stop hoping Adobe will have this program fixed anytime soon and find an editor that is reliable.


                              Thanks again!