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    Team Project Workflow


      I am working in team with team members in a different location and we are all working on the same project. I have 25+ years of software development in large teams, so I'm familiar with the concepts and workflows, in general.  The Adobe Team Project mechanism seems to be missing a few key features, but I thought there may be work around for some of these issues.


      #1 Revert/Abandon all Changes

      Many times I am looking at the project and Premiere thinks I am changing it because I modified a setting (e.g. mute/solo a track) or maybe I actually made a change that I really don't want to keep.  There is no way to abandon all changes since the last sync.  You can only go forward.  In a non-team program you would do this by exiting the program and simply not saving your changes.  There seems to be no equivalent in Team Projects.


      #2 What Changed

      When pushing changes to the cloud you are provided with a comments box and a list of changed assets, but later when you look back at the previous changes you only see the comments.  There appears to be no way to know what assets changed from one version to another after the push.  A super detailed comment might provide more insight, but having it be automated and consistent would be best.  The comment is for why you made the change and a brief summary of what changed. The system should tell you what assets were changed from version to version and be 100% definitive.


      #3 Save As Locally

      As we go along we want to save checkpoint copies of the project to a local profile file.  The Save As creates a whole new Team Project, but it would be nice to be able to Save As to a local file project in one step.  Right now have to Save As, then Convert that Team Project to a Local project. Then Archive the copy of the Team Project so that I can then delete the archive.  At first I found that converting the current Team Project to a Local project seemed to work, as the Team Project was still there and shared.  But days later, after many changes went into this Team Project, we discovered that it was no longer sharing those changes with the collaborators. So Converting a project isn't doing a Save As Local, or if it is then its a bug that it is stopping sharing at that point.  And without any notification or indication.