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    INDESIGN crashing while changing the font


      Every time I change the font in the text box, the program freezes and does not come back for anything.

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          Bill Silbert Adobe Community Professional

          Try trashing preferences.

          To do so:

          For Macintosh Users: The User Library folder in which InDesign’s preferences are stored is hidden by default on most Macintoshes. To access it make sure that InDesign is closed and click on the desktop to launch a Finder Window (Command-N). With this window in column view follow the path User>Home folder (it’s the folder with an icon that looks like a house—it may have the user’s name rather than “Home”) and click on the Home folder. With the Option Key pressed choose Library from the Finder Go Menu. “Library” will now appear within the Home folder. Within the Library folder find the folder called Preferences and within it find the folder called “Adobe InDesign” and the file called “com.adobe.InDesign.plist” and delete both that folder and that file. When InDesign is next launched it will create new preference files and the program will be restored to its defaults.

          For Windows Users: You can try the quick way of resetting on a PC which is to hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift when launching InDesign and respond affirmatively when asked if you want to reset. There have been some recent reports that the window asking if you want to reset is not popping up but that the prefs are being reset anyway. If this works great but if it doesn’t you may have to manually delete them.

          To do so:

          On Windows 7 and above the preference files are hidden. To find them go to the Control Panel and open Folder Options and then click the View tab. Then select “Show hidden files and folders” or “Show hidden files, folders or drive options” in Advanced Settings. Then delete (or rename) the folder at the end of this path: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\<Version #>\<Language>. Make sure that InDesign is closed when you do this. When you relaunch the program it will create  new preference files and the program will be at its default settings.

          The advantage of manually deleting preference files is that after you’ve reset up the program (make sure that no document window is open) to your liking, you can create copies of your personalized “mint” preference files (make sure that you quit the program before copying them—that finalizes your customization) and use them in the future to replace any corrupt versions you may need to delete.

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            Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

            Bom dia, como vai você? Meu português não é bom então vou escrever minha resposta em inglês, obrigado.


            Does this happen in all documents, or a specific document? If a specific document, what happens if you export the document as an IDML and then open that IDML and save it to an INDD file?


            If this happens in all documents, have you taken any steps to try and remedy this issue yourself, such as turning InDesign off and on; turning the machine off and on, Bill's advice above, or a reinstall? What version of ID are you using (including the operating system, version and build e.g. Mac OSX 10.13.6 running ID CC 2019 build 14.0.1)


            Do you have any font management software running such as Extensis Suitcase or Universal Type Client? If so, are you using their InDesign plug-ins? What happens if you turn the font management software off or temporarily disable the ID plug-in for the font management software?


            This is not a situation I've encountered before. Do you have any screenshots or video footage of the bug in action?



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              srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

              Hi Beatriz,


              I would like to know if the steps suggested above worked for you, or the issue still persists.

              Kindly update the discussion if you need further assistance with it.




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                Jeff_Extensis Level 2

                I have some additional questions before jumping in and giving advice:

                • What version of InDesign is being used?
                • Are you on a Mac or Windows OS?
                • What version is the Operating System is being used (macOS 10.14.x, Windows 10...)?


                More times than not, I have seen issues where the Adobe product installed are outside the system requirements creating issues with several things including font activation/changes.


                We look forward to your response.

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