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    Applying presets MUCH slower in LR Classic vs. LR5


      I am trying to convince myself to switch over to LR Classic. I shoot events/weddings, so deal with 1000-4000+ photos on any given project. In LR5, I can easily apply a preset to 1000+ images in a matter of seconds - definitely under 1 minute. As a test, I imported the same photos and am using the same preset, between LR5 and LR Classic. In LR5, it took under 30 seconds to apply a needed preset to all photos (1,197). In LR Classic, it took 5-10 minutes. This was after going through all of the optimization measures that Adobe suggests, along with building smart previews on import (which took forever). Also, applying changes (Exposure, sharpening, saturation, etc.) to all photos is much slower in LR Classic. Pretty much all aspects of LR Classic is slower than LR5, but this is the straw to break the camel's back if I can't figure it out. Any thoughts as to why applying presets is so much slower in LR Classic, compared to older versions? Is something else being processed that I can turn off? I would really like to move to something newer than 5-6 years ago, but I can't afford to add significant time to my workflow because of laggy software.


      PC - i7, 24gb RAM, everything running on multiple SSD's.


      Thank you!