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    I don't get the flash player pop up on chatsite

    sjefp52538255 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      Sometimes I visit Omegle.com where i chat with strangers, but suddenly I can't use this site anymore on Internet Explorer . It says I need to update my browser (while I have the latest version) Now I tried this site on Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but here I dont get the pop up of Adobe Flash wether it is okay to use my webcam. Therefore I get an error which says I have to give Omegle acces to my webcam. I can't figure this out, I also have all my settings at webcam on allow. Other sites, like chatroulette work, as I get the pop up asking me if it is okay to use the webcam.


      I hope someone can help me out of this.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          This is a great question for Omegle.


          My guess is that most major browsers now require that all content on the page be served over HTTPS in order to gain access to the camera and Mic.  Chrome definitely enforces this as a prerequisite to get access to the camera and mic from Flash.  Edge tends to follow Chrome pretty closely, so I wouldn't be surprised if they've introduced similar controls.


          For Internet Explorer, "I can't use this site anymore" doesn't really tell me anything that would let me offer useful advice.


          Camera and Microphone access in Flash works.  I'm aware of a bug in Chrome, where if you only have a microphone and no camera installed, you won't get the prompt, but if you have a webcam or webcam and mic installed, that shouldn't be an issue.


          Omegle is in the best position to troubleshoot and resolve this.