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    Menu button

      This is what I am trying to do: a menu button appears on the movie (tween into it) and then stops. Then when the user presses the button, it loads the content (a movie clip).

      Scene 1 has:

      theLoader_mcl = new MovieClipLoader();

      The button actions is:


      The problem is that I cannot put a stop on the button to stop moving. If I do, it invalidates the on(press) action.

      I know this is probably a very trivial question. How do I make it stop?

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          mhunter Level 1
          The button should be inside a movie clip, on a bottom layer, and the stop action on a layer above. it wont interfer then...
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            Gu-man Level 1
            Hi there,

            Thanks for the prompt feedback. Before attempting putting the button on its own movie clip, I tried the second approach of using the layers. It did not work. Too bad we cannot attach a screenshot here so that maybe you can see if I am making a silly error.

            The movie has 12 frames. These are the layers right now (top to bottom, as they are in Flash):

            1) actions - frame 1 with the first line of code: theLoader_mcl = new MovieClipLoader();
            2) box - where the movie with the content loads
            3) button - with the 'onpress' action described in the first post
            4) backtop - a movie/background image
            5) background

            I tried adding a new layer on top of the 'button' layer, and placed the action 'stop();' on the last frame. It did not work.

            Thanks so much for your help.

            Santa Fe, NM

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              mhunter Level 1
              You may need to fix the code on your button. A stop action should not keep the button from working. Try putting a regular non-animated button on the root and see if it works...
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                Gu-man Level 1
                It worked! Now, what do you think I did wrong? (since I want to learn). This is what I did this time (sort of reverted the order):

                1) created the non-animated button
                2) added the on(press) action; tested movie fine
                3) created the tween
                4) added the stop action, tested the movie, bingo.

                Thanks so much for the help!

                Santa Fe, NM
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                  mhunter Level 1
                  send me a PM...
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                    Gu-man Level 1
                    Sorry, I am not big on acronyms. What's a "PM"? Post-mortem? -:)
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                      mhunter Level 1
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